Pisces Thursday September 3

Things are apt to remain quite orderly for you, Pisces. Even though your heart may want to soar into the clouds, you’ll find that there’s a stable side to the equation that’s working to keep things in perspective. You might want to consider making a greater engagement to someone you love. You’re of a sound and solid mind to do so now.

Aquarius Thursday September 3

You might feel a bit reserved when it comes to issues of love and romance, Aquarius. Other people might consider this rather strange when they see that suddenly your adventurous forward motion comes to a dramatic halt. Don’t feel like you need to make excuses for the way you feel. It’s probably better if you slow down a bit, chiefly when it comes to love.

Capricorn Thursday September 3

The warm, loving feeling that you’ve been happily sustenance is calling for a bit of practicality in order to make your romantic life work out the way you want it to. Remember that less is more, Capricorn. Having love and romance in your life doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be best friends with every person you meet. This is a good time to enjoy more quality time with fewer people.

Sagittarius Thursday September 3

It’s time to step up to the plate and take authority for the things you want to have happen, Sagittarius. It’s one thing to talk about great visions and dreams, but the bottom line is that they’ll continue to remain abstract concepts unless you work to develop them into object solid and tangible. Test this theory for yourself today.

Scorpio Thursday September 3

Object unusual could put a smile on your face today, Scorpio. Look for beauty and love in the simplest things. If you can’t see it, then work on accommodate your attitude. Your inner state is likely what needs to be fixed, not the world around you. If you can shift to a light, compassionate mood, you’ll receive the laughter and romance that are sure to brighten your day.

Libra Thursday September 3

You feel admonish because of the way you reacted to a position that came out individually than you’d hoped. Trust that you acted in the best, calmest, and most compassionate way possible. If the person you’re dealing with doesn’t accept your actions, then this is probably more a function of their own baggage and not yours.

Virgo Thursday September 3

Don’t assume that the person you’re trying to reach is getting your messages, Virgo. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a reply, thinking that this person has blown you off. Maybe this person doesn’t accept the question you’re trying to ask. When it comes to matters of love and romance, you’re going to have to spell things out.

Leo Thursday September 3

This is a good time to get more serious about your art, Leo. You were probably born with talent, but perhaps you don’t treat it with as much respect as someone endowed with only a fraction of your natural ability. Look at your tools realistically and know that you have the power to achieve a great deal when you put your creative nature into high gear.

Cancer Thursday September 3

Your mind gives you a great deal of security, Cancer, which allows you to explore other worlds. You have your asteroid outpost performing smoothly, and you can now take trips into the frontier knowing that you have a secure facility to fall back on. Find new ways to bring love into your life.

Gemini Thursday September 3

You may be confused by your heart, Gemini. It may be acutely baffle when you can’t keep a tight rein on your emotions. This internal conflict is a signal that there’s a lesson to learn. Perhaps your heart knows object that your attentive mind hasn’t yet realized.

Taurus Thursday September 3

Just because your heart is feeling extra generous now doesn’t mean that you need to send flowers to everyone you know, Taurus. On a day like this you should channel all your absurd love and care to one special person. Help him or her feel like an big part of your life.

Aries Thursday September 3

The commitment in your social calendar are likely stacking up to the point of absurdity, Aries. Make sure you schedule some time for yourself around in there. Today you’re choosy about your companions. Feel free to say no to people you’d simply rather not see.