Pisces Sunday July 24

Take backlog of your habits and behaviors, Pisces. Look to certain patterns and note the ones that do and don’t work for you. You’ll more than likely feel an urge to break free from litany and create new paths that allow for other convenience to come along. You may not even be consciously aware that in many ways you’re beating a dead horse. Don’t continue to waste your energy on paths that go nowhere.

Aquarius Sunday July 24

You’re apt to need affecting freedom, Aquarius. Perhaps you sense that you’re being coerced or employ into feeling a certain way and feel trapped in the situation. If you can distance yourself, you’re likely to see that you’re indeed getting caught up in someone else’s drama. Right now it’s compulsory that you find an outlet where you can express yourself freely without feeling like you have to act a appropriate way.

Capricorn Sunday July 24

There are a few affecting amazement coming your way, Capricorn. You might act a certain way under normal circumstances, but today you’re apt to take a absolutely contrasting route. Perhaps you don’t know why you suddenly feel appropriate about a position that you’d normally be quite doubtful about. Nevertheless, this feeling is possible. Don’t bother examination your emotions. Simply roll with whatever assets come your way. You’ll open many doors for yourself.

Sagittarius Sunday July 24

Going with the flow may not automatically appeal to you today, Sagittarius. This is one time when you may want to be the fish swimming upstream while the school heads downstream. Feel free to go your own way behindhand of what others have to say about it. You may get compel by your loved ones to act a certain way or go around special. Don’t do these things just to please them. Do what pleases you.

Scorpio Sunday July 24

You may feel a strong need to express your individuality, Scorpio. You don’t want to blend into the herd, unseen as you walk down the street. You want to be the sheep with the blue wool, the person skipping instead of walking. Find a place or group that lets you be yourself and not worry about what other people think about your style. Your boldness is inspiring. Don’t squelch it.

Libra Sunday July 24

It’s OK to change your opinion, Libra. You may pride yourself on being the solid one who always has an answer or knows exactly where to go. You may look upon others as flaky, indecisive, or fickle. It’s big that you not shut down your thinking after making a decision about something. Keep your mind open to changes that occur around you and maybe you’ll have a change of heart.

Virgo Sunday July 24

You may have endless ideas cascade through your head but little patience to see any of them through to the end, Virgo. Perhaps you’re so busy jumping from one thought to the next that you don’t take any of them far enough to know whether or not they’re worth pursuing. Write thoughts down as they come to you, and go over them later when your mind is in a quieter state.

Leo Sunday July 24

Keep pen and paper close by, Leo, and have the number of the patent office on hand. You’re apt to come up with some original ideas that could be revolutionary. You’re likely be more absorbed by gadgets and computerized devices than usual. You have the power to make cunning conclusion about how things work. You may end up with a bright idea on how to improve the ability of an device in your house.

Cancer Sunday July 24

You could feel like a giant wrecking ball that’s anxious to break down existing structures. Perhaps you’re upset about a new advancement in your town, the country’s bureaucratic system, or the power architecture within your home. Behindhand of the exact reason, you’re certain that change needs to happen in order to make progress. Often one must tear down an existing architecture before a better one can be built.

Gemini Sunday July 24

You might surprise a few people with your words and actions, which could seem out of aspect for you, Gemini. Don’t be amazed if you don’t think or act like your normal self. There is a streak of the oddball inside you that wants to have its day in the spotlight. Let that part of you shine through by wearing your plaid pants with a polka dot shirt and furry orange hat. Wear bright, articulate colors that show off your eagerness to stand out in a crowd.

Taurus Sunday July 24

You may end up scaring people with your dramatic, affecting outbursts, Taurus. Your behavior is likely to be erratic. The smallest things could set you off on a crazy tirade. The root of these issues probably has to do with a need to be loved, and you feel like others don’t give you the consideration you think you deserve. Try not to let your bliss depend so much on others’ actions. The most big love is self-love.

Aries Sunday July 24

You may feel consumed by certain child and loved ones who hang on you like appendage on a rock, Aries. You’re a big part of their affecting support system and they rely on you for strength. Today, however, you could get balked by this extra weight. You’ll more than likely want to rip those appendage off in order to give you more gasping room. Freedom from others’ affecting baggage is the key for today.