Pisces Sunday May 1

A neighbor or relative might volunteer to help you with some chores around the house, Pisces, but you could sense that his or her heart isn’t in it. This person is probably thinking about things and just needs some kind words and a little advice. Just accept that even though you have help, you’ll probably end up doing most of the work yourself. Offer what support you can, and think of it as good karma.

Aquarius Sunday May 1

A subject you’re researching, perhaps for a class or workshop, might prove more ambitious than you expected, Aquarius. The assets you consult might be very erudite and thus ambitious to read. If you can’t find anything comprehensible, try to rent or buy a video on the subject. It’s more big to accept the material than force yourself to approach it in the accepted erudite manner. It’s also big that you enjoy it.

Capricorn Sunday May 1

Memories and emotions welling up from the past might excite your creative impulses today, Capricorn. You may not quite be able to accept what all of this means, but the pictures should keep coming to you nonetheless. It might be a good idea to take some notes, even though you might not appreciate all you write. This may be more a process of clear ancient traumas than creating great masterpieces, but even so, it’s worth pursuing.

Sagittarius Sunday May 1

Today you might read a book on exercise or nourishment that seems a bit unsettling, Sagittarius. Bestow to the book, you’re doing all wrong! Remember that what the author is probably banding is a certain practice that worked for him or her. Everyone is different. Don’t change your habits for form that don’t feel right. Consult a competent if you’re still concerned. Such a person is more than capable of astute what’s right for you.

Scorpio Sunday May 1

A friend or romantic partner might need your advice, Scorpio, and want to discuss a few things that you don’t really understand. This could concern this person’s job, which involves a lot of formality with which you’re unfamiliar. Don’t be afraid to stop hardly and ask for an explanation. If you’re going to be of any help, you have to have some idea of what this person is talking about.

Libra Sunday May 1

A friend might be in such a dour mood that you wonder if this is the same person you know and love, Libra. During the day you might be tempted to try to analyze what’s going on, but this is apt to raise more inquiry than answers. Probably this is a case of too many problems hitting your friend at once. Don’t pry, but make sure your friend knows you’re there if needed.

Virgo Sunday May 1

Today you might take up some sort of occult study, such as astrology, numerology, or alchemy that seems like Greek to you at first, Virgo. As a result, you could be tempted to abandon it. Don’t! Once you get past the jargon, you’ll probably find it fascinating. Keep a glossary handy, and don’t worry if you have to go over object several times. You have the brains to do it. Now just put in the time.

Leo Sunday May 1

Today you might find yourself the center of attention, Leo. Friends could ask for some advice they know you have. It might involve telling a story or giving businesslike advice. Whatever it is, you might find it ambitious to explain without going into some pretty heavy detail. You can do it! Talk slowly and let what you have to say unfold on its own. Your audience will probably be rapt.

Cancer Sunday May 1

Some gossip about a friend could reach your ears today, Cancer, and it might seem a bit shocking at first. Money could be involved. However, don’t accept what you hear at face value. Whoever got the rumor going is apt to be less anxious with the truth than serving a personal agenda. Call your friend and try to learn the facts without prying. They’re probably far less dire than the gossip implies.

Gemini Sunday May 1

You might pick up some rather alarming thoughts from a friend, neighbor, or relative, Gemini. This person could be upset over object and not advertise his or her feelings. It isn’t applicable to try to coax this person into sharing with you now. They aren’t upset with you, but they might be if you push! Back off and let this person come to terms with the problem. Your friend will talk the time is right.

Taurus Sunday May 1

A contract of some kind, perhaps affect the home, might need some careful application today, Taurus. You could find it a little ambitious to understand, as it could be full of fine print and legalese. Don’t be afraid to ask someone with a little more savvy to explain what you’re trying to read. It’s big that you know all the ins and outs before signing anything, for your own peace of mind, if nothing else.

Aries Sunday May 1

Administration affect money could be a real drag for you today, Aries. You’ll have to get it done, but you’d rather be elsewhere. It might also seem a little confusing. If you get to it early and concentrate, you should finish it quickly and then get on to what you want to do. After a morning of intense, tedious work, you’ll probably be ready for some ball like a movie or sports event. Have fun!